Business rates form a large part of the occupation costs of commercial property. Because these are based on periodic revaluations, rental values can sometimes fall quite significantly within the lifetime of the Valuation Lists, creating an even greater burden.

The rateable values of some 1.94 million non-domestic properties in England and Wales were re-assessed with the new figures effective from 1 April 2017. The Government altered the appeal process with a new procedure called “Check, Challenge, Appeal” which introduced new rights, time limits and costs to appeals.

Along with our consultant rating surveyor we provide a comprehensive Business Rates service including review, advice, projections, appeals and Form of Return completion. We have accumulated considerable rental evidence through Mass & Co with which to challenge assessments under the rating list.

The next revaluation takes effect from 1 April 2023 and rateable value figures have been published.

Our surveyors have many years’ experience and a successful track record dealing with rating appeals. For an initial discussion on business rates, please contact Christopher Stewart BSc FRICS

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